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News Flash: Star Wars Love Letter, Fish N’Chips Pre-Order

Star Wars: Jabba’s Palace – A Love Letter Game Announced
Z-Man Games has introduced their latest themed Love Letter impressed card recreation. “Agenda cards like Exalted One awards the player with the highest number in hand the win. However, cards like Jabba’s Court and Rescue Mission switch it up and award the victory to the player with the most Palace or Rebels cards, respectively, in the play area. These and other Agenda cards ensure varied strategies will be needed with every game beyond simply eliminating other players.”

Fish N’Chips Pre-Order
Asmodee has a brand new chip-throwing dexterity recreation out there for pre-order and set for launch subsequent week. a chip-throwing recreation, playable on a desk, combining dexterity and techniques. In flip, every workforce throws chips of various values to attain majorities on the completely different parts of the playmat.”

Embracer Group Announces Intention to Acquire Asmodee
Embracer Group is a online game holding firm. “Embracer Group is the parent company of businesses developing PC, console, and mobile games for the global games market. They own over 250 franchises (which reads as a who’s who of video game hits) and is based in Karlstad, Sweden with over 9,000 employees across 40 countries.”

Last One Alive Release
A brand new zombie cube recreation, from Ares Games, can be hitting shops this week. “The game played in turns: each player rolls a selection of dice to eliminate the attacking zombies or send them toward other players. If, at the end of a player’s turn, any zombies are left, the player is overpowered and eliminated from the game. With the passing of time, the zombie menace grows stronger and stronger.”

Star Trek Super-Skill Pinball Announced
WizKids has introduced a brand new Star Trek version of their roll and write pinball recreation. “This new edition of the hit game features four thrilling tables from different corners of the Star Trek universe, with unique mechanics inspired by both the experience of playing pinball in a real-life arcade, and by some of the most iconic stories and moments in Star Trek history!”

Ravensburger Announces Dungeons, Dice, & Danger
Dungeons, Dice, & Danger is a brand new roll and write, set for launch this March. “Players will need to roll well to make their way through four realms: Annoyed Animals, Defiant Dinosaurs, Puzzled Pyramids, and Clumsy Cultists. Along the way, they will pop open treasure chests that contain special abilities that will help them through the dungeons. This tongue-in-cheek game features a scalable difficulty as well as a solo mode.”

Treasure of the Dragons (Meeple Gamers): “It’s a very nice game. The pieces are solid, the mechanics are simple enough that it’s easy to play; it is after all a memory variant. The addition of push your luck adds some nice decisions for kids and I like that it’s there.”

Cat Lady (Meeple Mountain): “It is quick, easy, and fun for nearly all ages. It is a nifty little palate cleanser. The mechanics are familiar, friendly, and (mostly) feline.”

Death Valley (What’s Eric Playing): “There’s some fun push-your-luck elements here and some really interesting ways to synergize cards together and score, provided you’re okay with a bit of risk and a lot of reward.”


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