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Video Game Of The Month February 2023

It still feels really strange typing 2023 for these features. Where did 2022 go? Insert crying emoji here. It is hard to believe how long I have been keeping this feature afloat for now. My only hope is that you peeps enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy putting it together for you. I remember making some sort of joke in one of the first entries to this series (I know, me make a joke? Pfft) about seeing how long Zatu will allow me to keep this going. And I am still here! Who would have thunk.

In a couple of months we will be hitting the 2 year anniversary for this feature. I have some ideas in mind for some sort of ‘special’ feature. I still need to iron out some details and get a green light for one of them. But stay tuned for a mega epic feature that will melt your brain. Maybe. Please don’t hold me to that though.

This feature wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of my fellow bloggers though. So with that in mind, lets find out what they have been playing this month.

God Of WarNick Welford

Since getting a Steam Deck I have been picking up some games that I haven’t been able to get hold of due to not owning a PlayStation. Top of that list has been God of War. Having never played any of this series before I was sure what to expect apart from plenty of combat. What I didn’t expect was a surprisingly engaging story.

Well perhaps not story but relationship. The relationship between Kratos and his son is done really well for the most part. It drove me to push on and extend my game session to ‘just one more fight’. There was only one part, Atreus’ almost predictable teen like rebellion, that got a little annoying. More because his sullen responses were more limited than his usual airy style and so became a tad repetitive.

Gameplay is really entertaining too. The combat feels meaty and being able to command Atreus to fire on enemies, making them easier to stun or applying other effects. As the game progresses and Atreus grows he becomes more combat able too. Of course, this is all on an fairly accelerated time frame, but it works well within the context.

You will use your weapons and skills to solve mostly straight forward puzzles, which are not so simple that they are insulting. The game felt the right length too, I did a fair amount of side quests but didn’t feel a strong pull to 100% it but mainly because I need to storage space for my next PlayStation catch up!


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