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Asmodee Sales Numbers, Ticket to Ride Trinkets, and a Relatable Killer | BoardGameGeek News

• On February 15, 2024, Embracer Group — Asmodee‘s parent company — posted an interim report for Q3 FY 2023/24. The top line: “Embracer’s Net sales in Q3 grew by 4% to all-time high SEK 12.1 billion. Organic growth amounted to –4%, a result of positive organic growth within Tabletop, offset by a light release schedule within PC/Console and an increased focus on profitability within Mobile.”

Here’s the Asmodee-specific material from this report:


The Tabletop Games segment delivered 1% organic growth, with Net sales of SEK 4.4 billion [approx. US$437 million] in Q3. Year-to-date, the organic growth amounts to 9%, a testament to Asmodee’s diversified revenue base, solid underlying market, and consistent execution. For the calendar year, the tabletop mass market saw a slight growth, confirming the industry’s resilience, with Asmodee’s strong position key to its robust growth. After strong profitability in the preceding quarter, the Adjusted EBIT margin of 19% in Q3 was somewhat lower YoY, mainly due to a product mix more geared towards trading card games. Asmodee delivered strong free cash flow in the quarter, with a notable inventory reduction in the seasonally strongest quarter of the year. Preparations for the launch of Star Wars: Unlimited are progressing well with strong pre-orders. We all look forward to the release on March 8, 2024.

Over the nine month period of April-December 2023, Embracer’s Tabletop Games segment had SEK 11.7 billion in net sales [approx. US$1.1 billion], a 16% increase over that same period in 2022. That Tabletop Games number edges out Embracer’s PC/Console Games segment, which recorded SEK 11.3 billion in sales.

The complete report can be read here (PDF).

Board Game: Ticket to Ride

• Selling games is only the beginning, of course. A January 2024 article on notes that “Ticket to Ride plays an integral role in helping Asmodee Entertainment realise its ambition of establishing a cross-category licensing programme”, with new products “across publishing, interactive gaming, merchandise and apparel” due out in 2024 to coincide with the game’s twentieth anniversary. An article excerpt:


“When we set out to create our licensing programme in 2020, we knew we were building up to the anniversary in 2024,” said Ness Jack, Licensing manager. “Creating a comprehensive range of products that allows fans to enjoy their favourite game both on and off the tabletop was a clear focus: we knew we had to start straight away with the planning to ensure we could do justice to the brand.”

From gallery of W Eric Martin

Kicking off the release of licensed products is a range of limited-edition metal collectibles from Fanattik, including the Ticket to Ride North American Open Tour Ticket and Collectible Train Coin. “These beautiful renditions of classic designs from the game make brilliant trophies or home decorations for fans of the game series,” said Alexander Thieme, Licensing manager at Asmodee Entertainment. “The quality of these pieces is truly stunning.”

In addition to the Fanattik item above, Marmalade Game Studio plans to add more features to its digital Ticket to Ride game, Difuzed plans to release Ticket to Ride apparel, and in April 2024 Ulysses Press will release Ticket to Ride: The Official Cookbook, featuring “dining car menus inspired by your favorite destinations throughout the United States and Canada”.

From gallery of W Eric Martin

• In a bit of Asmodee housekeeping, Lookout Games has announced that it will now be the publisher of Camel Up, Village: Big Box, and the Great Western Trail series, which suggests that the eggertspiele brand — which was purchased by Plan B Games in 2018, then became part of Asmodee in 2021 — has been retired.

Board Game: Who Killed Mia?
Board Game: Squishmallows Take4

• In August 2023, the publisher What Do You Meme?, which debuted in 2016 with a party game of the same name, re-branded itself as Relatable and published its first murder mystery game: Who Killed Mia?

This title was followed by Squishmallows Take4 in September 2023, along with several Squishmallow heating pads because…why not?

In February 2024, Relatable acquired publisher Hunt a Killer, which has released more than two dozen murder mystery games since 2016. In addition to releasing standalone murder mystery games, Hunt a Killer specializes in episodic games, with people subscribing to a six-episode series that is delivered in separate boxes over a six-month period. From The Toybook article announcing the deal:


Relatable will continue to manufacture and market Hunt A Killer games; the company will also expand retail distribution and design new immersive experiences. Hunt A Killer first launched its subscription model in 2016. Since then, more than 4 million copies of Hunt a Killer have been purchased. Relatable plans to utilize omni-channel marketing and global retail strategies to deliver the game to homes and apartments through more accessible and mainstream methods.

Board Game: Heads Will Roll


Explosm Games, the company behind Joking Hazard, has acquired Lay Waste Games. In a November 2023 update on Lay Waste’s Heads Will Roll Kickstarter campaign from 2021, the Joking Hazard team wrote:


In October [2023] we were approached by Lay Waste Games with an offer to acquire them. In our discussions, the Lay Waste team made it clear that their top priority during the transition was to take care of their current Kickstarter backers. Our team members have been huge Dragoon fans for years and after a number of discussions, we said “Yes!” Since then, we have been hard at work figuring out how to best handle the transition, and more importantly, how to finish the fulfillment of these great games.



What’s next for Lay Waste? Moving forward we hope to bring you more classic Lay Waste Games by working with the same designers and artists that you have grown to love. We are looking forward to taking Lay Waste Games to new heights and continuing to bring you the games you already know and love – and some that we can’t wait for you to try out!

• And speaking of Heads Will Roll, let me take this opportunity to share a song of the same name from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, featuring a performance by Michael Wolfman Jackson:


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